os nutrientes
do Silício Forte


Aumenta a taxa fotossintética das plantas, reduz o acamamento e aumenta a resistência a pragas, doenças, secas e geadas.

Ultrafine Granularity for Improved Absorption

When absorbed by plants, the nutrient silicon accumulates in the epidermal cells and cell walls, developing a thicker and stronger cuticle layer that provides:

Discover how silicon can enhance agricultural production.


Silicon Nutrient:

  • Increases Crop Resistance to Pests and Diseases;
  • Activates Plants’ Natural Defense System;
  • Protects Crops from Abiotic Stresses, Such as Frost and Drought.


Silicon Nutrient:

  • Reduces lodging by enhancing plant architecture;
  • Facilitates photosynthesis by keeping leaves upright and increasing chlorophyll levels in diseased leaves;
  • Regulates water loss through evapotranspiration, resulting in water savings for the plant.

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Silício Forte: Discover an innovative source of silicon.

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Our product line was developed seeking to align technology and nature, which is why our fertilizers favor soil biodiversity while nourishing your crop.

Aprovado para agricultura orgânica

Silício Forte is the innovative source of silicon for the Brazilian agribusiness.

Fertilizer developed by Verde Agritech with the aim of providing significant benefits to Brazilian farmers.